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Upper Reach of Hawkins Glacier | Alaska (by Wrangell-St. Elias National Park)

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If I’m deleted then I think they are also deleting my personal account (tiffanyandcurls). If anything make sure you follow @realratchetmess on twitter! I will be keeping that updated if I’m moving on to my website. I have purchased ratchet-mess.com. Just not sure if I’ll have the time to set up a whole website right now or what I will do.

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matthew-gray-gublers-socks: hi ur a piece of shit xoxo

I don’t believe so bby

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Anonymous: Oh god what's wrong with that guy in your icon that's disgusting

That’s me. Haha do you want to shame me for stating a fact? If you are obese there is absolutely no reason to be proud of it. By trying to make it socially acceptable to be such heavy weight you are only enabling more and more people to be okay with it. WHICH THEY SHOULD NOT BE.

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shout out to my 400+lb ladies who get almost no recognition ever in even body positive and fatshion spaces

you’re amazing, you’re wonderful, you matter

They get no time on the front cover because it’s not healthy to be that fat. And no one should ever think it is ok.

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